Applications for Air Filtration Technologies

Automotive — Air filters are required for many of the processes in the production of automobiles, including HEPA air filtration for paint application, fluid filtration for coatings, solvents, oils and deionised water, and molecular filtration for breathing air supply and VOC abatement.

Bio-parmaceutical — Bio-pharmaceutical research and manufacturing involves the maintenance of sterile environments to eliminate exposure of products to viable and non-viable contamination. Air filtration plays an important role in this growing industry.

Microelectronics — The manufacture of microelectronic devices, including microchips and LCD displays, requires extremely clean environments for successful research and development and for manufacturing commercial products. The use of ULPA filters and chemical filters is common in this industry.

Museums — Air filtration, including particulate and molecular or chemical filtration, plays an important role in the conservation of museum artifacts. Contaminants in the air can deteriorate the materials which compose items in the collections.

Case Studies

  1. Energy Cost Savings was Imperative for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and the Camfil Farr Filters Surpassed Expectation
  2. Food Retailer Sees Firsthand Proof of How the 30/30 Filter Can Provide Them Substantial Savings Corporate-wide
  3. Government Labs Rely Solely on Camfil Farr Bag Filters to Deliver Peak Performance and Energy Savings
  4. Large University Acknowledges Notable Economic Impact by Changing to a Filter Lasting Three to Nine Times Longer
  5. Less Frequent Air Filter Changes Saves Gaming Casino Significant Money and Time
  6. Major Grocery Chain Holding Company Achieves Major Product Cost, Labor, and Energy Savings
  7. Major Retailer Recognizes Staying Loyal to the More Expensive Prefilter Continues to Offer Them Substantial Annual Savings
  8. North American International Airport Installs Camsorb(tm) Canisters for Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  9. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Improves Air Quality while Significantly Reducing Their Energy Costs
  10. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Recognizes Filtration Expenses Relate to Entire Filter Life Not Just the Initial Cost
  11. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Sees Firsthand The Higher Lifetime Efficiency of Fine Fiber Media vs. Coarse Fiber
  12. Poultry Processor Realizes the Right Filter Combination Leads to Substantial Savings in Energy, Labor, and Total Filter Cost
  13. Prestigious Hospital Achieves Optimized Air Quality by Choosing Fine Fiber Media Filters over Synthetic Media
  14. Beverage Producer Manages Air Quality in Production Process and Achieves Significant Savings in Labor and Energy Costs
  15. Proof of Longer Life, Cost Savings, and Better Air Quality Leads Medical Center to Install 30/30 Filters Across the Campus
  16. Technology Company Sees for Themselves that the Right Filter Combination Can Save Them Money in the Long Run
  17. The 30/30 Extended Life Provides Manufacturer Significant Savings in Annual Filter Costs
  18. The Nation's Fastest Growing School District Minimizes Filter Usage without Risking Budget or Air Quality
  19. University Medical Facility Performs On-site Filter Test to Discover Fine Fiber Media is Far Superior to Synthetic Media
  20. University Sees Proof of 24% Lower Energy Costs per Year with Camfil Farr Filter Versus Competitive Filter